Guaranteed ASIHTTPRequests

Ever needed to use ASIHTTPRequest in combination with guaranteed delivery? (i.e. making sure the HTTP call is performed, even though the network might be down at the moment you fire the initial request)


For our latest project (Rupert Explores), they wanted to add a small puzzle game into the app.  As always, I started looking in Github for possible candidates, and stumbled upon SlidingPuzzleBoard, which seemed perfect for the job.  After playing with it for half an hour, I succeeded in integrating it into the app.  This is how it looks like:

Tappable URLs in Core Text

Ever wanted to introduce tappable URLs within a Core Text frame? This post explains all gory details on how to the this achieved!

iOS PDF Reader

For a new project we're working on (a book app for children, based on Rupert the Explorer), we were looking for a PDF reading module for iPad.

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