Canon Selphy CP800 and Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion and the Canon Selphy CP800 aren't best friends. Even more, the current Lion installer won't install on Mountain Lion.

When you try to install the official Lion driver for the Canon Selphy CP800 on Mountain Lion, it fails with the following error:

I've been digging around in mpkg installer, and adapted the OS version check to not check for the correct OS version anymore. You can download a copy of the adapted installer I made, or - if you don't trust my changes - you can download Canon's original driver and adapt it yourself.

Within the mpkg package, I opened Contents/distribution.dist with a text editor and changed the function installationCheck().

The check (system.compareVersions( system.version.ProductVersion, '10.8' ) != -1) needs to change into (system.compareVersions( system.version.ProductVersion, '10.8' ) == -1). After this change, the driver will install properly!

Comments welcome!